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The investment landscape today is overgrown by years of conventional thinking. Too often, a product has been viewed as the starting point of the discussion. Our philosophy is different. We are grounded in the belief that exceptional results are the outcome of a flexible mandate; one where the objective takes the first position and the investment solution is the vehicle to achieve it.

At Stillwater Capital, our mission is to provide investment counsel and strategic solutions that continually exceed our clients’ expectations as measured by investment performance and the value of the experience. In upholding our mission and executing the philosophy of Stillwater Capital, our clients’ interests and their assets are well served.


Stillwater Capital provides investment counsel and solutions to individuals, institutions, endowments, and corporations. We do so both directly and as a sub-advisor to registered investment advisors. Our firm utilizes an open architecture approach using both external and internal managers to achieve the desired investment objective.

Our Stillwater alternative equity solutions are internally managed hedged equity strategies that take both long and short positions as well as hold cash while seeking absolute return regardless of market condition. Offered in transparent separately managed accounts with direct ownership of the underlying securities, they feature a flat fee model and unrestricted liquidity.


In choosing Stillwater as your partner, you are offering us the ultimate professional recognition and your trust in our services and solutions. In return, we will act with autonomy, mastery and with the purpose of achieving our client’s objectives.

The autonomy to act with proper professional judgment
The opportunity to exercise mastery of our chosen profession
The purpose of achieving our clients’ objectives




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